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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin's blues, and Obama's shoes.

Jeanine Cummings of Policto.com, reported today that the Republican National Committee has spent $150,000.00 on clothing for Governor Sarah Palin since she was announced as the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee. I know that right now is not the time to waste on a topic, when there are more pressing issues, but I will make my point quick. I think that this is important, given the fact that these purchases might be a direct violation of rules set forth by the Federal Election Commission. The FEC makes it clear that it is illegal to spend campaign money on personal items. With John McCain crowing about how he is a "Maverick" with regards to Campaign Finance Reform, this rampant spending on pant suits must be explained.

This might be an unfair comparison, but while looking through some campaign photos of Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, I stumbled across this. A photo of Barack Obama planning for a speech in Rhode Island, wearing shoes that have worn thin at the soles. A man of the people who is as modest as they come.


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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fashion Statement

I happen to believe that people should support any political candidate in any manner they please, as long as it is not offensive or someone could get hurt, obviously. If a person wants to wear a button showing support, so be it. If they would like to put up a yard sign or a bumper sticker, by all means do it!

I myself have been an avid supporter of Senator Barack Obama's Presidential run since he announced his candidacy back in February. I support him, with buttons, a bumper sticker, blogs, and engaging in healthy debate. I do not however look down on someone who is supporting the opposition in a healthy way. I may question their motives, but I have plenty of friends who support McCain, and I will make my points to them and call it a day. Let's be honest with each other here, it's pretty hard to change someone's political beliefs. There are times where I may criticize the candidates because of their stances on issues or statements they may make in the media. but not the people who choose to support the candidate in a healthy way. If a person, whether here at work or at the casino was wearing a McCain/Palin button I would not make a point to bring that up. I have been very cordial with people who are supporting Senator John McCain's bid for the White House. In fact my father and I had multiple conversations with a couple from Wisconsin who happened to be visiting Washington DC the same time we were.

Alright so here is my point. Today at work I wore my Shepard Fairey Barack Obama t-shirt, because Sarah Palin spoke at a rally not a mile away from my office. Now let's keep in mind my opinion on the matter that I discussed earlier. People who support Senator Barack Obama came up to me and told me how awesome the shirt was and asked where I had gotten it. However there was one person who did not share the same praise that everyone else did. Instead, they laughed and asked me why I was wearing the shirt. I want to explain that I have previously attempted to discuss politics with this person, mainly supply capitalism, and they were a little lost and started with the name calling that most uninformed people revert to when confused.

I think that we as Democrats are the more respectful of the two parties and I could be wrong. What I witness on a daily basis shows me that we are respectful to the opposition, tolerating ignorance but not racism or hatred. We ensure that we respect the rights of others to support who they want. Now had I gone into work wearing something totally obnoxious and ran around spreading lies about Senator John McCain, then what this person told me would be totally warranted. I JUST WORE A FUCKING T-SHIRT!

photo credit Karmloop.com

Monday, October 20, 2008


Colin Powell came out and endorsed Senator Barack Obama's campaign Sunday morning, on Meet the Press. I'm not sure if this will have an impact or not. We will have to look at polling in Red States to see if the Powell's announcement is enough to change who Republicans in those states are going to vote for. This morning two Las Vegas Conservative talk show hosts, Heidi Harris of KDWN and Allan Stock of KXNT, stated that it would not have an impact on the outcome of the election. Harris even went as far to say that anyone under 30 has no idea who Colin Powell is. I think that the ship is sinking for the McCain campaign and this is huge for Obama. Couple this with Google's Chief Executive Eric Schmidt endorsing Obama, and it could be a large margin of victory for the Illinois Senator. Lets just hope that all of the young people put down the bongs and PBR on November 4th and get out and vote.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Powell and Obama

Colin Powell is set to appear on this Sunday's edition of Meet the Press to discuss various issues facing the USA. It has been long rumored that the former Chairman of the Joints Cheifs of Staff under President George HW Bush, would back Senator Barack Obama's run at the US presidency. Colin Powell, once thought of as a legitimate Presidential candidate himself, has been quiet about who he would support and there is a chance that he could make his endorsement Sunday. I feel that this could be the straw that breaks the Straight Talk Express' Back. If someone as influential in the Republican Party as Powell, steps up and voices his support for Barack Obama's run at the White House, it would be devastating. Powell, known as a "Moderate" Republican, has long been critical of the Bush Administration's handling of the Iraq War, their response to Hurricane Katrina, and their use of torture as an interrogation method. Powell also lines up with many social issues that are core Democratic Party beliefs. All we can do is wait until Sunday morning and see if Colin Powell endorses Senator Barack Obama.


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