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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama popularity around world proven in new poll

According to polls conducted around the world by the BBC, Senator Obama is seen as more popular than John McCain in the Global Spectrum. In the 22 countries polled by the BBC, Senator Obama is looked at as more favorable in each country polled. Out of the 22 countries polled, 17 countries felt that US Foreign relations would improve under Senator Obama. The countries of Egypt, Russia, Lebanon and Singapore felt that relations would remain the same with Obama as President . Turkey was the only country polled who felt relations would worsen, and that was by a margin of 4%.

These poll numbers are probably due to the fact that our economy has a strong tie to markets abroad. With the credit/housing crisis effecting economies all over the world, the results are not that surprising. I do not feel that this poll could be construed as inaccurate either, but with how the McCain camp is refuting polls, and misleading the public over facts, I am sure that they would say something about the fairness of this poll. I would love to hear what the McCain camp would say to try and discredit these stats, or how they could spin this to McCain's advantage. With Lipstick/Pig gate in full force, I can see the press release now, "The BBC poll regarding Senator Obama's popularity abroad is biased because not enough foreign pigs were polled! This poll is blatantly 'pigist' and goes against our policy, of not only working to strengthen ties with foreign countries, but our bond with our foreign pig friends as well."

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