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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Other Blogging

I have long wanted to branch out and blog about my daily thoughts, the happenings in hip hop, fashion and politics. I have taken the first steps in documenting what I feel is important not only to me but to others who share my common interests.
I had been interested in blogging for 944 magazine, and met this past weekend for lunch with a friend who is an editorial contributor for the magazine. I let her know that I was interested in contributing some blogs about politics, and issues that are close to me. Seems easy enough, right? I have tried today for a good while to find a topic that I can write a quick blog about, but it has been pretty difficult. Not because the topics are irrelevant, or not something that interests me, but because I keep stopping short because of fact checking. It would be really easy to go off on a tangent and not care whether what I am writing about is true or not. I decided not to do that out of respect for my college professors who taught me all I know about citing and doing your best to research everything fully. I have spent a good amount of time checking my topics to make sure that my blogs are not easily refuted. I should have a couple of good ones here soon.

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